Connect With A Navigator

What is a Navigator?

ProjectAttain! navigators work one-on-one with working-age adults to guide them through the process of returning to school. They provide free, institution-neutral services to help you navigate the path to complete your diploma, certificate, or degree.

A navigator can help you:

  • Talk through your hopes and dreams

  • Review your previous education experience

  • Pinpoint potential barriers

  • Identify support services to increase your success

  • Choose the program that best suits your personal or professional goals

  • Map out an education plan

  • Gather the materials you need to apply and enroll

  • Connect with the adult-focused admissions team at your selected program, college, or university

What to Expect

Every learner has their own story. Your navigator will tailor the process to your needs, but it usually goes down like this:

  • Contact – After you submit your Contact Us information, a navigator will contact you within a day or two to set up an initial conversation.

  • Discover – You’ll get to know each other, chat about your goals, and set a time to complete the ProjectAttain! intake form.

  • Dream – You’ll work through the intake form (independently or with your navigator) to answer questions about your education and work experience, current needs, and future plans.

  • Deliver – You’ll gather the materials you need to map out an education plan and put together your application.

  • Connect – Your navigator will connect you with the adult-focused admissions team at your identified program, college, or university.

Throughout the process your navigator will be available to answer questions, provide guidance, and cheer you on.

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Robynne Rose-Haymer
Robynne Rose-HaymerGraduate
“In my first attempt to complete my undergraduate education, the competing factors of family and trauma meant that academia couldn’t prevail. But when I got a second chance with support from ProjectAttain!, combined with maturity and resilience, it paved the way for scholarship. I always knew I had it in me to be a scholar.”

Meet our Navigators

Tyler Perez
Tyler PerezNavigator
Tiffany Vrattos
Tiffany VrattosNavigator
Shannon Perkins
Shannon PerkinsNavigator