Your Diploma Is Within Reach

We know life doesn’t always work out the way you planned. People leave high school before graduating for many different reasons.

  • Family challenges or financial obligations
  • Moving to a new school, community, or country
  • An unexpected pregnancy
  • Physical or mental health challenges
  • Lack of family knowledge or support
  • Feeling disconnected from other students
  • Needing more of a challenge

Whatever your reasons for leaving, there are compelling reasons to return.


Your diploma opens doors. Finishing high school creates opportunities for new relationships and exploration in many areas and lays a solid foundation for your next move. A high school diploma sets the stage for greater opportunities in college, career, entrepreneurship, military service, and community engagement.


Your diploma boosts your credibility. It signals to employers that you can put in the work, solve problems, and collaborate with others. It lets people know they can trust you to have the knowledge, skills, and commitment to finish what you start.

Higher Income

Your diploma puts money in your pocket. While numbers vary by job, the more education you complete, the better your chances to earn a higher wage. The median earnings for someone without a diploma are $592 per week or $30,784 per year. High school graduates increase their expected income by more than $8,000 per year, earning $746 per week or $38,792 per year.


Your diploma can serve as a safety net. People without a high school diploma have the greatest risk for unemployment with an average unemployment rate of 5.4% compared to 3.7% for those who finish high school and earn their diploma.


Finishing high school takes time, hard work, and persistence. It isn’t easy, but overcoming obstacles gives you a sense of personal pride and accomplishment that no one can touch. Every assignment, presentation, test, and project completed is evidence of your determination and skill and a demonstration of your character.


Your diploma is a game changer. Earning your diploma sets an example for your peers, your family, and your community and transforms our region from the inside out. Compared to those who stopped out, high school graduates have lower unemployment rates, higher earnings, better health and lower mortality rates, lower rates of criminal behavior and incarceration, and decreased dependence on public assistance.

Reimagine your possibilities.

With support from ProjectAttain!, completing a high-quality, industry-recognized diploma is within reach.

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