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Our Story

How We Started

Project Attain began in 2018 as a bold idea that mobilized area leaders to shed light on an often-overlooked population – working-age adults with some college, but no degree. Through collective action with a focus on equity, Project Attain quickly expanded to address attainment for all working-age adults returning to complete a formal educational credential at the diploma, certificate, or degree level.

With support from leaders and community members, Project Attain grew to be a dynamic initiative bringing together organizations, talent, and seed funding and serving as a catalyst for social mobility and economic growth.

In 2020, Project Attain became a 501c3 nonprofit organization with an impressive board, vital anchor institutional partnerships, and a clear mission.

Our “why” at Project Attain is to help “comebackers” finish what they started. Educational attainment eliminates shame, changes career trajectories, improves the quality of life for individuals, and helps hundreds of local businesses unlock the talent they need to compete in the 21st century.

In 2023, Project Attain hired its inaugural Executive Director to formalize the long-term commitment to educational attainment in the Capitol Region. The focus expanded to educational attainment at the secondary and post-secondary levels for disproportionately impacted communities. The communities include African American/Black, Indigenous, Latino/a, Pacific Islander, Low Income, Foster Youth and Refugee.

We intentionally serve individuals and communities across our region that for too long have not had the access or the support they need to pursue or complete their education. The leadership team behind Project Attain continually works to deepen the commitment and actions needed for true educational equity and inclusion.

Young black man in cap and gown on his graduation day.

Our Mission

Increase educational attainment of working-age adults in the Capitol Region by 60% by 2030

Sacramento Snapshot

Project Attain serves six counties in the Capital Region:
El Dorado • Placer • Sacramento • Sutter • Yolo • Yuba



Adults (25–64) with some high school but no diploma

Adults (25–64) with some college but no degree

How We Work

As an Initiative

ProjectAttain! highlights the educational attainment needs of, and serves as a voice for, adult learners ages 25-64. We showcase adult-friendly partners and programs and feature data-driven content that improves access, equity, and support for adult learners in the Capital Region.

As a Service Provider

ProjectAttain! is the entry point for working-age adults seeking to complete their education. Through one-on-one navigation services, we help future graduates reimagine their goals, reinvest in their future, and return to school.

As a Curator

ProjectAttain! curates the research, best practices, and expertise of others who work in this space and puts it into practice to transform the Capital Region by increasing educational attainment and decreasing equity, achievement, and skills gaps for working-age adults.

Framework for Change

Equity at the Core

Institutional Readiness and Change

Comfort with

Connected Programs
and Strategies

Sustainable and
Diverse Funding

Models and Practices Aligned with Regional Ecosystems