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Cost to replace a $10/hour
retail employee
Average days it takes a company
to fill a position
Average months it takes a company to break even on its investment in a new hire
People age 25-40 who say that professional development and career growth are significant

Education Empowers

A well-designed professional development program contributes to higher employee motivation, engagement, and loyalty. Workers who are confident in their abilities and supported in their roles can contribute and grow in meaningful ways.

Empowering your employees through education can also:

  • Strengthen workplace culture
  • Increase productivity and flexibility
  • Develop internal candidates for upward mobility
  • Reduce turnover
  • Save money

ProjectAttain! works with organizations and industries committed to reducing skills, equity, and attainment gaps in the Capital Region through advancing educational attainment for working-age adults.

We have ambitious goals and are working at the nexus of higher education, workforce impact, and economic development.

We are equity focused, entrepreneurial, and passionate about making a difference for working-age adults, their families, and our communities.

If you would like to work with ProjectAttain! to evaluate or expand your education options, fill out the contact us form and tell us about your organization and goals.

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