Your Degree is Within Reach

We know that life doesn’t always work out the way you planned. The Capital Region is home to thousands of talented, intelligent, and accomplished people who stopped out of college before completing their degree.

Maybe you:

  • Needed to care for family
  • Met with unexpected financial obligations
  • Experienced physical or mental health challenges
  • Didn’t have the support you needed to succeed
  • Felt disconnected or restless and needed a new challenge
  • Faced an obstacle you couldn’t overcome

And maybe, even though some of those things are still true, you know it’s time to reimagine your future with a college degree.


Completing your degree – having your diploma in hand – can spark a transformational change in your life.

It’s well-documented that college graduates see higher earnings, more employment options, lower unemployment rates, and greater financial security. But it’s about so much more than the money.

College graduates also experience higher rates of homeownership, have better health and wellness outcomes, are more actively engaged in their community, and build a generational legacy of academic achievement for their children and other family members.


Returning to college as an adult might seem overwhelming, even impossible, but with support from ProjectAttain!, returning is within your reach.

At ProjectAttain! we understand adult learners.

We know that you:

  • Juggle competing priorities of work, family, and finances
  • Are long on experience but short on time
  • Might have left college after a negative or frustrating experience
  • May wrestle with feelings of shame or embarrassment

ProjectAttain! navigators work one-on-one with working-age adults to guide them through the process of returning to school. They provide free, institution-neutral services to help you navigate the path to complete your degree.

We can help you choose a degree completion option that works with your existing obligations, apply for financial aid, and connect you with an adult-focused admissions team at your identified program, college, or university.

You can do it! We can help.


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Veunta Dailey
Veunta DaileyGraduate, Bachelor of Arts in Child Development Degree Completion Program Sacramento State
“I knew a degree completion program would help me to finally complete my bachelor’s degree and realize my true potential in real-time.”