More Info invest in you Finishing your degree makes
it 3x more likely that your
children will graduate too.
More Info enroll for you If you put school on hold to take
care of other needs, we can help
you get reconnected.
More Info imagine you Keep the promise you
made to yourself. Let us
help you finish your degree.
More Info discover you It's never too late to complete
your degree. We can help you
get back on track.
More Info commit to you Now that your children are
starting school, it's time to
recommit to your education.

Your Reasons to Return

Earning a diploma, certificate, or degree changes you inside and out.

When you complete your education, you achieve a life-long goal and place yourself, your family, and your community on the path to greater social and economic success.

ProjectAttain! makes it easy for working-age adults to make their comeback.

You can do it. We can help.

ProjectAttain! helps working-age adults complete their education.

We showcase adult-friendly partners and programs and feature data-driven content that

improves access, equity, and support for adult learners in the Capital Region.

Earn a Diploma or Certificate

Find out about our upcoming certificate and diploma programs.
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Complete Your Degree

We offer one-on-one support to working-age adults who want to earn their degree.
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Build Employee Qualifications

We work with employers to leverage
potential within their organizations.
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Contribute to Completion

We partner with allies to increase social and economic opportunities through educational attainment.
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In the Know

What our team is reading, tracking, and talking about.

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