The Degree Reclamation Playbook supports practitioners seeking to re-engage adult learners, capture the momentum of existing credits, and bring students across the degree finish line

ProjectAttain!’s work attracted IHEP’s Degrees When Due (DWD) opportunity to the region and to California’s broader network of public higher education institutions. This equity initiative helps statewide systems and colleges identify students that earned credit thresholds but left without a degree or credential.

The national report has been delayed until March; however, IHEP has just released its Degree Reclamation Playbook with tactical steps and recommendations. We are happy to share that our regional institutions have actively engaged in the effort and our program of work aligns with the recommendations to:

  • Advocate for alignment and support
  • Facilitate data collection, sharing, and analysis
  • Amplify promising practices.

Through this initiative, the Capital Region is furthering its reputation as a positive example of regional collaboration and adult learner expertise.

Click here to read the full report or catch IHEP’s video overview.