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What We Do

As an Initiative

Project Attain highlights the educational attainment needs of, and serves as a voice for, adult learners Ages 25+. We showcase adult-friendly educational partners and programs and feature data-driven content that improves access, equity, and support for adult learners in the Capital Region.

As a Service Provider

Project Attain is the entry point for working-age adults seeking to pursue or complete their education. Through one-on-one navigation services, we help future graduates reimagine their goals, invest in their future, and complete their educational aspirations.

As a Convener

Project Attain convenes the research, best practices, and expertise of others who work in this space and puts it into practice to transform the Capital Region by increasing educational attainment and reducing equity gaps, while also addressing achievement and skills gaps for working-age adults.

Networks Guiding Our Practice

Adult Attainment Networks

Adult Attainment Networks engage business, education, and community-based organizations to leverage existing initiatives and programs that increase equity and inclusion for under-represented learners.

Network participants identify, solve, and dissolve barriers; share lessons learned; refine structures; and identify promising practices to promote systems change. They share tangible examples of policy, process, action research, and procedural changes that lead to better services and increased attainment for all learners.

Diploma Network

Widens the pathway into higher education by helping adults earn a high school diploma or equivalent.

Certificate and Apprenticeship Network

Expands workforce entry points and advancement by validating and expanding high-quality, industry-recognized certificates and on-the-job training.

Degree Network

Increases regional graduation rates and workforce-ready talent by breaking down barriers that discourage adult learners from completing an associate or bachelor’s degree.

To join one of our Adult Attainment Networks, please connect with Project Attain at

Our Partners

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