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Re-envisioning Adult Attainment

Project Attain began as a collective action initiative with regional stakeholders serving as thought leaders, participating in focus groups, and supporting action teams.

Project Attain has evolved into a non-profit organization that partners with various Stakeholders in the Capitol region to address attainment gaps and build talent pipelines for employers.

Project Attain exists to improve attainment among under-credentialed adults and close the talent gaps for employers. Decreasing equity gaps, attainment gaps, and skills gaps is our focus. Every adult counts. Every credential counts. Whether someone needs a diploma, degree, certificate, apprenticeship, or a combination of these, regional solutions exist.

We believe closing California’s talent deficiency by boosting adult credentialing and educational attainment, particularly for disproportionately impacted and under-invested populations is essential to drive a thriving economy and fulfill our commitment to equity.