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Latest Developments

Join us next Monday, February 5 from 12:00-1:00 p.m. for a new research publication and a panel discussion that explores our findings, resulting institutional changes, and the next steps to better support comebackers and increase re-enrollment and degree attainment.

The California Reconnect program is re-enrolling adults who left college without earning degrees at higher rates than the national average for re-enrollment.

California Competes seeks to make college a reality for more adults by driving reforms that create clear pathways to and through higher education.

Helping Adults to Prosper Through the Power of Education ProjectAttain! celebrates its five-year anniversary this month and as we look back on our journey so far, we can’t help but to be proud of all that’s been accomplished. ProjectAttain! is a Sacramento-based social impact organization helping adults who found it necessary to pause their education find their way back to attain their diploma, certificate, or degree.

Project Attain has hired its first executive director, the organization announced last week at its annual Summer Summit held at Folsom Lake College. Melanie Dixon steps into the new position immediately. Dixon is Project Attain’s first full-time staff member, an important milestone that marks a major shift from being a regional education initiative to a fully operating, independent nonprofit organization.

Project Attain’s day-long Summer Summit held on August 9th at the Harris Center at Folsom Lake College is an annual event that brings education partners together to share, learn, and align on important systems change work that can lead to better education outcomes. This year, the event focused on adult learner success through the lens of regional collaboratives and the value that collaborative education partnerships can provide.

Four organizations join efforts to conduct research, identify evidence-based practices, and advance reforms that re-engage adult learners back into college and onto completion.