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By investing in Project Attain, you will make a better, brighter future in these areas of educational attainment, business growth, our economy, the region’s overall quality of life, and the people who call the Sacramento region home.

The key to a thriving economy is a skilled and adaptable workforce. However, we often overlook the potential of under-credentialed adults over the age of 25 who can bring a wealth of knowledge and life experience to the table. By investing in the education and training of these individuals, we can address critical job vacancies today while preparing for tomorrow’s economy.

By providing accessible and relevant education and training programs, we can help adult learners gain formal credentials and acquire new skills. 

Adult Graduate (Sac State)

By doing so, we not only empower them to achieve their career aspirations but also contribute to the overall prosperity of society. Moreover, by providing a supportive learning environment that recognizes their existing experiences and expertise, we ensure that these individuals are fully equipped to take on the challenges of the modern workforce.

Through this approach, we can cultivate a dynamic, innovative, and competitive economy that benefits everyone. By seizing this untapped opportunity and investing in under-credentialed adults, we build a brighter future for individuals, families, and communities. In doing so, we ensure our economy’s continued growth and success and create a more equitable and prosperous society for all.

Your Donation In Action

$ – Increase Educational Access for Adult Learners

One in four adults in our region may be missing out on job opportunities, wage gains, and the numerous benefits having a credential offers.

$$ – Support Completion of a Comebacker Student

Adults with degrees are 25% more likely to have a job.

$$$ – Contribute to Eradicating Educational Gaps for Adult Learners

24.36% of working adults in the Capital Region have some college but no credentials.

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Every adult counts. Every credential counts.

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