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We all win when more adults complete their education.

Project Attain believes in closing California’s talent deficit by boosting adult credentialing and educational attainment, particularly for disproportionately impacted and under-invested communities. Educational attainment changes career trajectories, improves the quality of life for individuals, AND helps hundreds of local businesses and employers unlock the talent they need in the 21st century.

Project Attain is the entry point for working age adults seeking to complete their education. With high-touch navigation services, the experienced navigators work one-on-one with adults to help reimagine their goals, reinvest in their future, and return to earn a diploma, certificate, apprenticeship, or degree. They provide no cost services across various local institutions to help you navigate the path to complete your degree, certificate, or apprenticeship program.


Your diploma opens doors. Finishing high school creates opportunities for new relationships and exploration in many areas and lays a solid foundation for your next move. A high school diploma sets the stage for greater opportunities in college, career, entrepreneurship, military service, and community engagement.


If you’re looking for a professional edge, pursuing a new path, or seeking to fill some gaps in your knowledge or experience, completing a certificate program may be a good fit. Certificate programs, usually made up of four to eight subject-specific courses, allow working-age adults to refresh their skill sets, get up to speed with changing industries, or meet continuing education or licensure requirements.


Completing your degree – having your diploma in hand – can spark a transformational change in your life. It’s well-documented that college graduates see higher earnings, more employment options, lower unemployment rates, and greater financial security. But it’s about so much more than the money.

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