ProjectAttain! Celebrates Five Years!


Helping Adults to Prosper Through the Power of Education ProjectAttain! celebrates its five-year anniversary this month and as we look back on our journey so far, we can’t help but to be proud of all that’s been accomplished. ProjectAttain! is a Sacramento-based social impact organization helping adults who found it necessary to pause their education find their way back to attain their diploma, certificate, or degree. This work is so important because under-credentialed adults tend to have greater hardships, lower quality of life, and less social advancement and economic opportunity — contributing to the region’s growing inequities. But that is something [...]

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Improving Educational Outcomes for Adults Reaps Big Rewards


A Reflection from ProjectAttain! Founder Dr. Jenni Murphy It’s been five years since ProjectAttain! began. It was a big, bold idea born from a clear need: A need for an organization to help adults finish their education. There was no entity at the time focused solely on helping adults who found it necessary to pause their education navigate their way back, even while 675,714 adults in our region sat outside the realm of economic opportunity and social mobility because of being under-credentialed. It was a problem – that if solved – would offer immense benefit for these individuals. The data proves [...]

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Sacramento K-16 Collaborative Seeks Research Consultant


Applications Accepted through May 23 @ 1 p.m. The Sacramento K-16 Collaborative is seeking a research consultant to act as the “research hub” responsible for managing the Collaborative’s research process. The scope of work includes institutional landscape analysis; K16 Collaborative educational ecosystem analysis and consulting; and conducting focus groups, interviews, listening circles, and survey research that captures individual experiences within the Collaborative’s focus areas. RFP documents will be available May 5, 2023. To request, please email [email protected] with the subject "Request for RFP 23026 Research Consultant". All inquiries regarding this RFP should be directed to Purchasing Supervisor Kim Carrillo at [email protected] [...]

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K-16 Collaborative Transfer Equity Proposal Voted Among Top Four in CSU Student Success Analytics Course


Team Aims to Identify Barriers to Transfer for Non-Admitted Students In spring 2023, Nine workgroup members of the Sacramento K-16 Collaborative participated in the California State University Student Success Analytics program. The data-based and equity-focused Student Success Analytics curriculum gives higher education faculty, staff, and administrators from across the country the knowledge and opportunity to turn institutional data into action that closes equity gaps for historically underserved students. For its capstone project, the K16 team combined two Collaborative goals (sending an additional 1,300 young men of color to Sacramento State and UC Davis by 2025 and create more seamless transitions for [...]

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Understanding Challenges and Supports for Community College Students


Insights from the Statewide College Attendance Survey (Sacramento State/Melissa Uroff) The California Community Colleges (CCC) system is one of the largest and most diverse higher education systems in the world, serving more than 2.1 million students every year. However, completing a degree or certificate program at a community college can be challenging, and many students drop out before finishing. To better understand the reasons why students leave, the RP Group conducted a survey of CCC students in the fall of 2022. The survey gathered information on students' reasons for attending college, the challenges they face, and the supports that [...]

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Sacramento State Plans to Launch Adult Learner Success Center


Center to Provide Adults with Resources, Belonging, and Support to Complete their Education Sacramento State is taking steps to better serve adult students with plans to launch an Adult Learner Success Center. Grounded in an idea that grew out of Dr. Anna Keck’s doctoral research, the Center will provide returning students with the necessary resources and support they need to return to school to complete their degree. Like specialized centers that already exist to support veterans, first-gen, LGBTQ students, and other communities, the Adult Learner Success Center will serve as a space where adult learners can connect with peers, receive [...]

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2023 is Here and ProjectAttain! is Ready


ProjectAttain! is excited to kick of a new year with some very ambitious goals all aligned with our mission of addressing equity and talent gaps by increasing the region's educational attainment for working age adults to 60% by 2030. Photo by boliviainteigente on Unsplash It’s important work. In fact, the 2021 Community Survey data shows that almost half a million (498,424) adults in our region started high school or college at some point in their life but didn’t finish. Another 373,804 didn’t go on after high school even though reports indicate that 1 in 4 jobs requires some [...]

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One-on-One with Los Rios Chancellor Brian King


King shares what the Sacramento K-16 Collaborative means for adult learners and ProjectAttain!’s role as the collaborative’s backbone organization In May 2022, the Office of the Governor announced that the Capital Region would receive 18.1 million as part of the K-16 Education Collaboratives Grant Program, a ground-breaking program that will provide new pathways to career opportunities for students in their local communities, addressing long-standing equity challenges in higher education, and workforce participation. Photo Credit: Bruce Clarke @ Sacramento State ProjectAttain! is set to be the hub for the Sacramento K-16 Collaborative with the Los Rios Community College district [...]

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A Grateful Farewell to ProjectAttain! Board Member Dave Roughton


Dave Roughton is a well-known Sacramento businessman regarded for his industry and community leadership and probably most known as the President/CEO for SAFE Credit Union. Afterall, he has been in a leadership position with the credit union for over two decades, serving as President & CEO since 2016. Beyond this responsibility, Dave is also a ProjectAttain! board member who has helped steer our organization through formation to launch. SAFE stands for Sacramento Air Force Employees because the credit union was originally formed to provide financial services to employees at the former McClellan Air Force Base. Fast forward to today – [...]

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Sacramento K-16 Collaborative Wins $18.1 Million to Create Regional Education-to-Career Pipelines


ProjectAttain! Set to to Guide Regional Collaborative Photo Credit: Andrea Price, Sacramento State ProjectAttain! will play a key role in guiding the Sacramento K-16 Collaborative that brings together the Los Rios Community College District, Sacramento State, UC Davis, the Sacramento County Office of Education, and others to develop new education-to-career pathways in healthcare and engineering, especially for students from traditionally underrepresented communities. The Collaborative is one of six partnerships to receive first-round funding from the Regional K-16 Education Collaboratives Grant program funded through a $250 million investment in the state’s 2021 Budget Act. The program is part of [...]

Sacramento K-16 Collaborative Wins $18.1 Million to Create Regional Education-to-Career Pipelines2022-07-01T21:40:47+00:00
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