Shasta College Graduates 600+ Comebackers through DWD Initiative

More than 36 million adults across the country have earned some college credits but stopped out before earning a degree. To promote completion, the Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP) launched an innovative, nationwide completion initiative: Degrees When Due (DWD). ProjectAttain! plays a key role in coordinating the DWD California Cohort, communicating information between the IHEP research team and California institutions, sharing DWD research, and connecting institutions with statewide coaching, resources, and best practices.

We are thrilled to see Shasta College receive national recognition for its DWD success and grateful to Dr. Kate Mahar, Shasta College’s dean of innovation and strategic initiatives, for her collaborative leadership as a statewide coach and champion of this life-changing work.

Shasta College is the sole public postsecondary institution in a rural, three-county area in northern California. The report highlights inspiring insights from the college’s leadership and its DWD campus team, including how institutions can better support students and the surrounding community by identifying institutionally driven barriers to completion and supporting the successful return of formerly enrolled students.

Check out the video below and read the full report here.