Noelle McCurley is a Navigation Rock STAR and Sac State Knows It

Adult woman with gray pixie cut, glasses, and a great smileIn July, the university honored McCurley with a Staff Talent Appreciation & Retention (STAR) Award for her hard work, drive, and unshakeable commitment to learners.

Although she has worked with tens of thousands of students in her 25-plus years of service at Sacramento State, McCurley ensures that every student feels important, valued, and heard. “No one wants to feel like one of many,” she explains. “They want to feel like they count.” McCurley ensures that each and every student counts; to her and to the university.

She brings that same passion, purpose, and expertise from her work with Student Affairs to her critical partnership role in HornetAttain!, a new university-wide initiative aimed at identifying and re-engaging stopped out learners to support them as they complete their degrees. McCurley was instrumental in developing the inclusive processes and procedures at the core of HornetAttain!’s infrastructure. She now serves as the HornetAttain! Achievement Advisor, auditing transcripts and providing free personalized coaching to help working age adult learners navigate their return to Sacramento State.

At the time of her award, McCurley had personally connected with more than 50 learners. Through her appreciative advising, three learners re-enrolled in classes and will complete their degrees this summer, 10 more anticipate future enrollment, and 14 additional Hornets had their previously earned degrees officially posted.

“Noelle is a collaborative partner who approaches barriers with a curious eye toward innovative solutions around what will best serve students,” says Dr. Brian Bedford, associate dean of strategic initiatives for Sacramento State’s College of Continuing Education and director for HornetAttain!. “Her passion and dedication can be felt in every conversation, email, and phone call. And fortunately for HornetAttain!, and for all Sacramento State learners, her passion and integrity are both unique and contagious.”

McCurley engenders a similar passion in those colleagues who have the privilege of working with her. She is a Shining STAR and the entire Sacramento State family, students, faculty, and staff is lucky to have her on their side.

To connect with a HornetAttain! achievement advisor, call (916) 278-0999 or click HornetAttain!.